Keep it Horizontal

Bird, Free Bird, Bow



Flyer Base Spotter
Stand upright like a standing plank Do a weight test with every new body before lifting up Hover over the hips with both hands
Engage your legs and your back, roll shoulders up Feet are parallel to each other and are placed on the hip bone of the flyer Stand on one side of the flyer
Tuck the tail bone Keep the lower back on the ground Give guidance and help with the balance
Straighten the arms Straighten the arms, don't bend them as you enter Stay close to flyer
Look to the front Look up and lengthen the neck, keep shoulders on the ground Only touch when flyer-base out of balance
Turn fingers to the front Turn fingers to the outside Spot the shoulder of the flyer
Keep ankles over the hips (90 degrees alignment) Let them find the sweet spot and check alignment

Free Bird

Flyer Base Spotter
Lift the gaze to the front Point the toes like you want to push the gas pedal Move one arm to the shoulder of the flyer
Roll the shoulders back and engage the lower back Keep the hands as a plattform, release fingers
Let go of the hands when balanced Only let go of hands when flyer is stable
Lift the feet up Flyer decides when to let go, not base
Lift the arms and keep them alongside the body
Engage the whole body


Flyer Base Spotter
Bend one knee Point toes more when flyer reaches for the ankle Straighten both arms and move them under the flyer
Grab the ankle from the outside with one hand Keep hands up to support spotting One arm is in the front underneath the belly of the flyer, spotting the shoulders
Slowly bend the other knee and grab the other ankle Flex feet again when flyer found position and starts backbending The other arms is in the back underneath the legs
Push into the hands with ankles Keep ankles over your hips, lower back is firmly grounded
Lift the shoulders, open the chest Once flyer is in bow, soften the feet
Breath slowly and deeply and do not panic