Keep it Horizontal

Throne, Whale



Flyer Base Spotter
Start from bird Start from bird Stand on one side of the flyer-base
Shift weigth onto one side, use the arms Signalize flyer which side to shift weight onto Stand on the side where weight is shifted to
Lift the opposite leg and move the knee towards the chest Lower the flyer slightly to better reach the correct position Keep the hands hovering at the hips
Present the back of your thigh/but cheek to the base Place toes close to the buttock and try to find the sit bones Make sure to not block the movements of the legs of flyer-base
As soon as the foot of the base touches the sit bone, shift weight onto this side Release the second foot as soon as the flyer is stable on the other side As soon as flyer sits upright, switch to the back and spot the hips
Sit upright and place feet on base shine Lower flyer down and help to find an upright position Let them find the sweet spot
Keep the knees bend as if sitting on a chair Straighten the legs and take flyers feet into hands, straighten arms Stand in godess pose and move along the flyer towards the front


Flyer Base Spotter
Start from throne Start from throne Move to one side of the flyer-base
Engage the core a lot, straighten the legs and shift weight onto one side, then slowly start to lean back Lower the flyer slightly down, reposition one foot closer to the center of the flyer and release the other foot Straighten one arm underneath the flyer at the back
Shift weight onto the other side where foot is still at sit bone Keep the arms stable and straighten the loose leg to reach the flyers shoulder blades Keep the second arm over the hips of the flyer
As soon as you feel the toes of the base at the shoulder blades, start to lean backwards more Place the toes on to the shoulder blades
Straighten the legs Release the second foot when first foot is placed firmly on the shoulder blades
Help the base to switch the hand grip by slightly shifting the weight from one to other side Switch hand grip from heels to ankles, straighten the arms and legs (might not be 90 degrees)