Keep it Horizontal

Turn-the-throne (reverse)


Reverse Straddle Throne

Flyer Base Spotter
Stand close enough and make sure base is ready Check the flyer is close enough and ready Stand on one side of the flyer-base
Make a small jump up and slightly behind Place feet slight under the flyers bottom, toes facing outwards Spot the hips and the back of the flyer
Keep the tension in the core Bend the knees and let the flyer jump up on to your feet If flyer is scared, you can offer one arm to hold on to
As soon as you are stable, hook the legs to the back of the base's legs Slowly push up after the flyer has jumped up
Keep hands up to spot the flyer
Help the flyer to hook the feet if necessary

Reverse straddle throne to straddle throne

Flyer Base Spotter
Start from reverse straddle throne Start from reverse straddle throne Throughout the transition, stay at the back of the flyer and spot the hips
Unhook one foot and let base turn you and grab the ankle Lower the flyer slightly and take the ankle of the unhooked leg of the flyer in one hand and the knee in the other hand. Make sure the shin is parallel to the short edge of the mat. Stay close to the flyer and adjust position when flyer is moving
Shift weight onto the other side where foot is still at the thigh Keep the arms straight and offer a stable platform for the flyer
As soon as the foot of the base is placed at the other leg, hook the foot on this leg to the front Remove the foot at the unhooked leg and place it on the other leg. The foot should be placed either slightly closer to the flyer's pelvis or further away taking more or less the position of the already placed foot. Either way, the toes of the newly placed foot will be pointing the other way as the foot which is already on the leg.
Shift weight onto the other side where the foot has been placed and is hooked around the leg of the base Release the second foot and place it - toes pointing inside - on the other thigh
As soon as second foot is placed, hook the foot to the front of the leg of the base and sit upright Help flyer to hook the foot by moving it to the inside of your shin