Keep it Horizontal



Throne to Foot-to-Shin

Flyer Base Spotter
Start from throne Start from throne Stand on the back of the flyer
Connect feet firmly with the shins of the base. Make sure toes are positioned over the knee of the base. Grab the ankles or toes of the flyer's feet. Spot the hips and the back of the flyer
Keep the tension in the core and straighten arms along side the body. Move the arms slightly forward and prepare to stand up. As soon as flyer lifts off, immediately remove feet and make a platform with your shins for the flyer to stand on. If flyer is scared, you can offer one arm to hold on to
Stand up slowly but surely. Gaze is shifted forward (not down to the base). Once you decide to stand up, try to not sit back again as base might have feet already removed. Stabilze the knees either over the hips or move knees into chest Once the flyer stands upright, spot the hips by lifting your arms.
Straighten your legs, move hips forward and stand up straight. Shoulders are rolled back, tailbone is tucked. Breath and find stillness Keep hands at the feet of the flyer as long as needed. Remove only if flyer agrees and feels stable. If flyer gets unstable, hug around the hips and move the flyer safely to the ground.

Foot-to-Shin to Bird

Flyer Base Spotter
Start from foot-to-shin Start from foot-to-shin Stand on the side of the flyer
Slowly bend the knees and squat down, straighten the arms and reach for the hands of the base. Straighten the arms and receive the hands of the flyer. Stay close to the flyer and adjust position when flyer is moving.
Connect hands with the base and keep arms straight. Keep the arms straight and offer a stable platform for the flyer to shift weight onto. Spot the hips of the flyer by hovering with your hands to both sides of the hip.
Shift weight slightly forwrad and onto one side, bend the knee there a bit more. Release one foot and place it at the hip bone of the flyer.
Remove the foot on the other side and straighten the leg to the back (away from the base's head). Release the second foot and place it on the other hip bone.
As soon as the foot is placed on the hip bone, shift weight onto this side, straighten the other leg and let base position second foot.