Keep it Horizontal

Maria, Side Star



Flyer Base Spotter
Present shins and check the placement of the base's feet Place feet on flyers shins with the shin bone between the big and the second toe and right underneath the knees Stand on one side of the flyer-base
Keep straight arms and connect hands with the base Connect hands with the flyer, keep arms straight while flyer leans in and push up to straight legs, let go of the hands Spot the hips of the flyer
Shift weight forward, bend knees and keep them close to the chest (pike) Point the feet once the flyer is upright Move with your flyer up, trace the flyer's movement
Wait until the legs of the base are stable, then slowly get up Let flyer come down and straighten the arms to receive the flyer's hands Guide the flyer to bird (or down) by following the hips
Shift hips forward and tuck the tailbone under Remove one foot from the shin, wait for the flyer to straighten leg and place foot at the hip bone
Point feet and push them towards the ground, legs are engaged Repeat for the other side to get back to bird
Slowly move pelvis back towards the heels and reach for the hands of the base
Keep arms straight and shift weight on one side, straighten the other leg to get to bird

Side Star

Flyer Base Spotter
Start from bird Start from bird Ask on which side the side star will be done and stand on the side
Shift weight to one of the base's feet to let base reposition foot Signalize flyer to shift weight on one side and remove one foot. Spot the flyers hips from behind
As soon as the foot is placed, roll into the newly placed foot of the base Point the toes outwards and place the foot to the side of the hip of the flyer Give guidance about the alignment of flyer and base
Stag the hips on top of each other and let the lower leg drop to the floor Bend the leg where the flyer is on
Place the hand on the same side slightly over the base knee with fingers pointing toward the ground, straighten the arm and roll shoulders up Help the flyer to roll up by straightening the other leg and supporting
Keep tension in the core and legs (point toes) and do not arch - backbend Find balance one one leg and straighten the flyer where the flyer rolled up on
Slowly release the second hand and reach towards the sky with this arm If stable, move the other leg to the ground, either with a bend in the knee or straight
Find straightness (look down to your belly and make sure you can see your toes) and stillness (breath) To get back to brid, reconnect hand and reposition both feet back to the hip bones of the flyer
To get out, reconnect hands, roll back with the higher hip side and go back to bird Help flyer to hook the foot by moving it to the inside of your shin