Get Upside Down

Back Bird, Straddle Bat, Floating Paschi


Back Bird

Flyer Base Spotter
Stand upright with your face turned away from the base Position feet at the bum of the flyer with the upper part of your foot placed on the level of the sacrum Stand at the side of the flyer-base in a wide stand
Reach back and grab ankles of the base, turn the thumbs inside. Bend the knees as soon as the flyer starts to back bend and reach for the elbows of the flyer to help guide the flyer down Spot the thigh and shoulder of the flyer on the side you are standing when going up.
Bend backwards and relax your legs and upper body (no tension) Switch hands from elbows to shoulders and straighten the legs, keep the feet over the hips Spot the hips of the flyer for stability when the flyer is up
If you're feeling stable, release the hands and reach for your own ankles. Point the toes slightly to find balance and let go of the shoulders once you found it

Straddle Bat

Flyer Base Spotter
Start from back bird Start from back bird Move behind the flyer (to the legs of the flyer) to spot this pose
Grab the ankles of the base and straddle with your legs (put them apart) and engage both legs Turn your feet with the toes facing outwards and move your hands to the shoulders of the flyer Spot the legs of the flyer and move the arms under both legs
Slowly start to pike and move your feet towards your head Start to move the feet to the side of the hips of the flyer, crawling forward with the toes Follow the flyer's legs, take a wide stand and bend your knees (godess pose) to stay flexible and mobile
As soon as the position is reached, engage the legs a lot and move the feet closer to the ground the lift the head away from the base's core. Move the feet until they reach the front part of the flyer, then flex the feet and move them over your hips. Release the shoulders.
Bend both knees and move soles of the feet together to form a diamond shape with the legs, grab the ankles with both hands.

Floating Paschi

Flyer Base Spotter
Start from straddle bat Start from straddle bat Spot the hips and shoulders of the flyer from the side.
Wait for the base to position the hands, then slowly start to straighten the legs without letting go of the connection with the ankles. Position hands onto the upper arms of the flyer with index and middle finger at the top and all other fingers on the side. This is a position where the base can spot most of it (falling backwards)
Keep the feet together and engage your arms a lot Aim for the root of the wrist to be on the shoulder joint of the flyer (position might vary depending on the proportions of the flyer, so this needs iterative adjustment). Especially make sure the flyer stays in line, so not moving towards the right or the left
Keep your shape, the whole body is engaged Let the flyer straighten the legs and at the same time moving your wrist over your shoulders, follow with the feet
Once the flyer has straight legs, slowly start to remove one foot and place it at the back of the flyer
Find the balance and remove the second foot. Balance with index and middle finger. Let flyer drop either on their feet or roll them down onto your shins if balance is lost.